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Fast and Furious fifth movie premieres

Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Fast Furious 5 star Paul Walker says there's a lot more at stake for the franchise the fifth time around.

Walker walked the red carpet at the world premiere of the film in Rio de Janeiro on Friday night with co-stars including Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Ludacris' Bridges.

The fifth film in the franchise is set in Rio de Janeiro and features cast members from the four previous movies.

'Now that we've been doing this for 10 years the last thing we want to do is disappoint people, so you go into it with that added pressure,' Walker told AAP from the red carpet.

'In the first film nobody knew what we were doing (and) what we were in the process of cranking out.

'We had no idea that we were going to make something that was even going to stand two weeks, let alone 10 years.'

Diesel said the cast were fortunate for their fans, who have stuck by the films since The Fast and the Furious premiered in 2001.

'I don't know why we're so fortunate and lucky that people have been so loyal to the franchise,' he said.

'But I'm grateful and I'm blessed.'

Fellow Fast Furious 5 star Elsa Pataky said she misses husband Chris Hemsworth - the Australian actor currently travelling the world to promote his movie Thor.

'I do miss him,' she said.

'It's very weird that we're working and promoting a movie at the same time.

'They're such big movies for both of us, so it's a great moment and we have to enjoy it even if we are apart.'

She said she had seen Thor and really enjoyed it.

'Everybody's going to freak out with him and with the movie,' she said.

'He's amazing and the movie's really really good, but our movie's really good so there's a bet on the table.

'We'll see what happens.' (Source)
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