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Rush Limbaugh interviews Donald Trump

Friday, April 15, 2011

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Donald Trump joined Rush Limbaugh via phone interview and talked with him for close to 20 minutes about many things in the political arena.

One subject that did not come up in this very entertaining interview was President Obama’s birth certificate or lack of one, as Trump has recently alluded to. When Limbaugh asked Trump why he thought he was doing so well in the polls, Trump said that people were really responding to his “message."

Since Trump has been toying with the idea of running for the White House, much of the hoop-la has been around the birth certificate of the sitting president. While this may have worked in getting him to where he is now, this subject has also worked against him with many people, the people that he needs to win the Presidential campaign if he does decide to run.

The Birther fire has taken up so much time in Trump’s media exposure that this is about all we know right now about what Trump has to offer. While the curiosity of President Obama’s birth certificate or no birth certificate has all eyes on Trump, this is certainly not something that will whisk him into the White House. This is the case even if he could prove Obama is from Mars.

Trump promised to donate $100,000 to the Cure-a-thon that Limbaugh kicked off today. This money is to go towards research for cures of leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. This was a great humanitarian gesture on Trump's part, but one could not help think that the shrewd businessman’s mind had a method to the timing of announcing this large donation.

Rush Limbaugh’s interview might have been potentially challenging, after all we are talking about Rush Limbaugh here. What a way to dampen the embers of a potential fire, which just goes to show, that Trump does know how to handle the best of them!

Trump explains to Limbaugh that he has had to cultivate a friendship with the Democrats due to nearly 100% of NYC being Democrat. Trump also says that he has dealt with politicians all his life, both Democrats and Republicans. Due to his business ventures he also has much foreign relations experience from doing business with many of the countries around the world, he explains to Rush Limbaugh.

Trump’s biggest declaration of the interview was when he said he thought that “Obama would possibly go down as the worst president in history.” Trump also made the promise that on the “Celebrity Apprentice” final show, he will announce his announcement…. Of whether or not he is really running for President. [Source]

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