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[VIDEO Highlights] Manny Pacquiao’s Win Over Shane Mosley

Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Las Vegas - Manny Pacquiao defeats Shane Mosley with a massive victory in a match that lasted.

The duel between Pacquiao vs Mosley at the MGM Grand Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, for 12 rounds. The three judges namely Glenn Trowbridge, Dave Moretti, and Duane Ford gave points win for Pacman with numbers 119-108, 120-108, 120-107.

Both boxers are not many attacks in the first round. Entering the second round, Pacquiao began aggressive. Even in the third round of the Philippine boxer was knocked Mosley.

Pacquiao dominated the fight afterwards. In the 10th round, Mosley had dropped Pacquiao. But the reruns show boxer nicknamed Sugar was not hit but do urge.

As quoted from the Bleacher Report, Pacquiao launched a total of 552 punches while Mosley is only 260. As for beating Pacquiao's entrance was 182 versus 82 of Mosley.

Highlights of Manny Pacquiao’s Win Over Shane Mosley
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