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Spain Earthquake | Spain officials put earthquake death toll at 8

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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LORCA, Spain – Ancient town of Lorca in southeastern Spain was reportedly struck by two rare earthquakes on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, international news reported.

The first earthquake wherein the epicenter was close to the town of Lorca was felt with a 4.4 magnitude. Two hours later, another tremor was felt at 5.2 magnitude

Thousands of people have spent the night outdoors in this southeastern Spanish city in fear of further tremors after Spain's most destructive earthquakes in 50 years killed eight people and injured dozens.

People draped in blankets to protect them from the morning cold Thursday queued up for hot drinks handed out by volunteers at the five makeshift camps set up in the small city of Lorca that was hit by the two quakes.

A Murcia regional government statement said eight people, including one minor, had died in the quakes which seriously damaged many buildings and squashed cars Wednesday. A total of 167 people were treated in hospitals in the city.

Officials had initially put the death toll at 10.
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