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I believe in no regrets: Amanda Bynes Tweet

Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Confession: Amanda Bynes is easily one of our favorite celebrities on Twitter. She often posts "sexy pictures" of herself with captions like, "Me in sunglasses!" or details her preference in guys. Sorry men with kids, you don't stand a chance with the "Easy A" star.

We also loved that time she decided to teach Twitter some of her very own vocabulary, like super boo, which means your one true love.

In an interview with People, Amanda Bynes opens up about her sometimes TMI tweets. She tells the magazine, "I believe in no regrets. You say what you feel because you felt it at the moment."

Amanda Bynes continues, "It's sort of like what I would tell a reporter if I were doing an interview. You kind of have to let people know a little bit about you. And once you've been in the business for a long time, people kind of know stuff about your life."

With over 73,000 followers reading her tweets, Amanda Bynes says she tries (and fails) to keep things professional. "I don't tell anybody anything too personal, but I say stuff I would say in an interview."

Fret not, Amanda Bynes followers. The actress, who retired and promptly unretired a year ago, says, "I don't like talking about [dating], but when I'm getting married, I'll be open about that."

We can't wait, Amanda Bynes. We can't wait. (S)
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