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Teen Mom, starring Sofia Vergara!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family bombshell, now 39, had her handsome son Manolo when she was just 19 — and the Colombian actress tells Redbook mag that the teenaged pregnancy had its benefits. "When I had Manolo, I was 19, and I had the energy for everything," she says. Sofia Vergara married Manolo's dad, her childhood sweetheart Joe Gonzalez, when she was just 18. The couple divorced two years later.

But the Emmy-nominated star, who is currently dating Florida politician Nick Loeb, can't imagine getting pregnant again. "My boyfriend now wants to have kids, and I don't even want to think about it," she admits. "I would have to get into that mind-set again, the waking up early."

Fans might be shocked to learn that Sofia Vergara, famous for her curves, once considered her body "hideous."

"I've had these ridiculously huge boobs since I was super young," she reveals. "Like, 13. I was really skinny at that time, so it was weird to have those f--king boobs and be skinny. It was hideous."

But the rest of her body eventually caught up. "Then after I had my kid, I got hips and everything started to come together," Sofia Vergara adds

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